Color WheelThe Institute for Emerging Issues brings people together around complex issues in pursuit of a single goal: to ensure North Carolina’s future competitiveness. IEI is a different kind of public policy organization. We believe when people work together with a shared will and common vision, progress is smarter, more comprehensive, and enduring. That’s why we engage people from all regions, all sectors, and all points of view. We exist because NC Matters.

IEI works at a statewide level each year, but our statewide efforts, by their very nature, benefit from and inform local work. We understand that the best solutions for community problems will come from communities themselves. When people are working with people they know, and on problems that are real to them, they are more invested in the work and better appreciate their own agency in finding opportunities for action.

IEI, founded in 2002, provides important knowledge and resources when it brings individuals and groups of stakeholders together with shared purpose and a common agenda to produce outcomes that none could produce through singular effort.  In every emerging issues lies an opportunity. The Institute for Emerging Issues is here to find North Carolina’s opportunities. You can help.

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