Anita in China: A Moment of Non-judgment

author-v2I could be anywhere on the globe, hearing academics from every educational level noting that the world their students will face demands new approaches to developing their talent. But I am not just anywhere; I’m in China.


Our Beijing student interpreters (representing Carolina!)
đź“·: Keith Poston

Here is a country with over 400 million students, who are today steeped in a system better known for rote memorization than for its creativity.  It feels strange, then, to hear the big, and relatively new ambitions, on totally infusing learning by diving into core pedagogy. I confess to a fleeting sense of skepticism. And then, I am reminded that China reports going from 80 to 3 percent adult illiteracy rates in less than 60 years. With that caliber of track record, who says China can’t become the globe’s maker-nation within a generation?


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