Anita in China: Day One

author-v2Greetings from China!

IMG_0443-300x300A long day of travel to Beijing, but worth every minute of time spent getting to know two generations of educational leadership in North Carolina. First, four amazing emerging leaders: NCISC Scholars Holly Ren, Nimit Desai, Jonathon Kuo, and Rohan Deshpande. These small giants are here to showcase their prowess in the 36th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition. After just twenty-four hours with them, it’s clear no competition will capture a fraction of their potential to take our state leaps forward in other aspects of life.

I am equally honored to be with another group of leaders, those focused on learning from this experience so that thousands of other young people in North Carolina have opportunities to meet their own potential to be small giants. Keith Poston is the president and executive director of the Public School Forum of North Carolina; Tom Williams is chair of the Board of Trustees for the NC School of Science and Mathematics; and Gena Renfrew leads the Biogen Foundation’s work to support science education in North Carolina. We are joined by coordinators Dr. Fran Nolan – leader of the delegation and Executive Director of the NC Grassroots Science Museums Collaborative – and Robin Bergeron-Nolan of Guilford County Schools, apparent heroes in Beijing for their many years of support for this competition.

This is going to be a unique viewpoint from which to consider the possibilities ahead for FutureWork.


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